The SARS X-iphos Tactical Rifle was manufactured with the shooter in mind. The name xiphos means ❝penetrating light.❞ Which is exactly what this tack driver will do. ‡ Chassis Selections: KRG Whiskey III Folder ‡ Defiance Action Deviant Short or Long Action ‡ TriggerTech Primary Trigger ‡ Bartlein Barrel 5R finished at 24" ‡ 1 (5) Round AICS Magazine ‡ X-iphos Self Timing Muzzle Brake ‡ KG Coating Black / Barrel and Brake

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Caliber/Contour (Choose One): *
  • .308 Sendero 1/10- Bartlein
  • 6.5 Creedmoor Sendero 1/8.5 - Bartlein
  • .243 Sendero 1/8 - Bartlein
  • .260 Sendero 1/8 - Bartlein
  • 6.5 PRC Bartlein
  • 300 PRC Bartlein Barrel
KRG Whiskey III Folder (Choose One): *
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The SARS® Xiphos Tactical Rifles are manufactured to shoot 1/4".  We were not playing when designed the Xiphos Tactical Rifle or The Xiphos Muzzle Brake.

♟Your barrel is going to be chambered to the type bullet you would like to shoot, whether primarily used for hunting, target shooting or a combination.

♞ Your selection of barrel contours and twist rate are going to be unison to your shooting requirements.

♝ Defiance Deviant Tactical Action

♛ The Xiphos self timing muzzle brake is going to be manufactured to reflect your caliber.  The Xiphos will be cut crowned and chambered to enhance the motion of your shot.