The SARS system Consist of the Recoil Lug, Rail and Screws. All components are manufactured in the USA. The Recoil lug is manufactured from 303 Stainless. The Rails are manufactured from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, they can be made from other materials upon request such as 1045 or 4140. The Rails are then mil-spec hard anodized in a matte finish. Each SARS recoil lug and SARS 1913 Rail are Manufactured According to Mil-Spec, and creating a Standard for the industry. Screws included manufactured in the USA. 6-48 Torx head with #15 Torx has #8 screw size head. Screws manufactured in the great State of Florida.

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Perfect for the Savage : 12 F Class, 12 Benchrest, 12 F/TR, 12 Long Range Precision, 12 Palma, 10FCP HS Precision,  M10 Savage Ashbury Precision,  10 BA Stealth RH Or LH(8 screw), 10 GRS (8 Screw), 10 Stealth Evolution RH Or LH (8 Screw),

Due to the invention of the SARS system you would not have any reason to drill for larger screws (#8).  The integrity of your action will remain in tact.  Also, due to the stability of the SARS system you actually could switch barrels without any assistance from a gunsmith.  The SAVAGE SARS System does not need participation from a gunsmith for installation.  

SAVAGE Rifles which are manufactured that use #8 Screws, are:
10/110 BA Stealth
10/110 Stealth Evolution
110 Scout
110 Wolverine
10 GRS
110 Tactical
110 Tactical LH
110 Tactical Desert

INSTALLATION Instructions Included. 

SCREWS and Torx Bit Included