The Remulak-T Titanium Self Indexing Muzzle Brake was manufactured adding many variables to your standard muzzle Brake. It is self Timing- All you need is a threaded barrel. The Remulak self Timing muzzle Brake was created to enhance your rifle's own design. It was engineered from the dynamics of a precision rifle builder. The ports are created with a circular form, which allow gases to be dispersed in opposite directions so the force is not entangled in one direction. We have tested many styles of brakes and the Remulak is out of this "world." It is a totally new concept in an ever changing market. Laser Engraved to give a unique one of a kind finished product.


Calibers (Choose One): *
  • 223/6mm
  • 6.5mm
  • 30 Cal.
Comes Stainless/ Coated KG- Add Color./nc: *
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Titanium weight 2.5 ounces.