SARS Rail Remington 700 Short Action

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The SARS rail was manufactured to eliminate many problems. We eliminated the center section of the cross slots and implemented a cross bar center section under neath, which makes the SARS rail stronger and more stable. We widened the surface area so that it mounts to the action like a glove. Eliminating side to side movement. We contoured the edges to eliminate any snares or pulls Manufactured in 6160 Hard Anodized Armor black. Manufactured in Stainless Steel. The SARS screws were designed by us to compliment the SARS rail. They are a 6-48 with a T 15 Tork. Manufacturing in the 0, 15, 20, 25 and 40 MOA Also; Needing to push pass the 1000 yard mark to accommodate the bigger scopes, and continue using the low or medium rings we are also manufacturing a 25 MOA. The SARS Rail comes with a 6-48 Torx Head with a #15 Torx. The head is a #8 screw size. The Screws were designed and manufactured to complement the SARS Rail and System. The Screws were manufactured in the great State Of Florida.


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  • 0 MOA
  • 15 MOA
  • 20 MOA
  • 25 MOA
  • 40 MOA
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