Remington Action Blue Printed Chambered SA RH Including SARS system

All Barreled Actions must be shipped to a licensed FFL in your area. These are Bartlein 5R Barrels. Available in your favorite calibers and twist rates. All actions are blueprinted and are ready to install in any Remington 700 Stock or Chassis. Options are available. Any Caliber / Twist / Finished Length Available by Request

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Caliber/Contour (Choose One): *
  • .308 Sendero 1/10 Bartlein Barrel
  • 6.5 Creedmore Sendero 1/8.5 - Bartlein Barrels
  • .243 Sendero 1/8 Bartlein Barrels
  • .260 Sendero 1/8 Bartlein