Remington 700 Short Action. Remington 700 Long Actions. 21 oz. Available in Black Granite, Green Granite, and Brown Granite

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Proof prides itself on making one of the lightest weight hunting stocks on the market.   Ounces equal pounds when you are carrying around a rifle in the field. Hand laid carbon fiber stock, Proof has designed an incredible stock that weighs a fraction of traditional rifle stocks while compromising nothing. 

At sub 21oz, it does not get much lighter than our Light Weight Mountain Hunter stock. When coupled with the Proof Research Sendero or Sendero Light barrel you can expect to significantly reduce the weight of your rifle. The Light Weight Mountain Hunter features a molded-in carbon fiber v-block, adjustable pillars and is designed to fit all Remington® 700 style actions. 

- Compatible with factory Remington® 700 bottom metal metal.

- Currently offered in Black Granite, Green Granite and Brown Granite.