Blueprinting an action has to be indicated and trued with the bolt race way of the receiver, square with bolt race way, cut receiver lug abutments square with bolt race way, cut threads until clean up square with bolt raceway. There is a hundred ways this has been described, however, the procedure allows everything to be true. This Is blueprinting an action that you own. Choose between adding SARS system, or Without.


Blueprinting w/or without SARS: *

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For increased grouping competition levels in the shooting sports has become so competitive that a variation of less than a 1/2" Minute of angle determines wins vs losses.

Some Truly custom high $$$$ actions are prohibited in certain competitions.  The option is to build a rifle using a blueprinted factory action.

Blueprinting delivers impressive accuracy coupled with SARS (system) delivers results compared to many high priced actions.  Blueprinting (Trueing) can be a cost-effective way to begin competing and increasing accuracy in long range hunting and shooting