Firearms coating

2400 Series

The 2400 Series provides excellent abrasion, chemical and impact resistance.  The coating is guaranteed not to Chip Flake, Peel or Rust Creep.  Most important the coating displays excellent coating layer to coating layer adhesion or a need to be concerned about how long the coating has been sitting before you have to use it.  There is no window for re-coating or repair work.

The 2400 Series has an average particle size less than 10 Microns.  Given the relative size of the particle means you can lay several colors down and have the final finish feel like one smooth color.

1200 Series

1200 Series is our single part, air cured coating that is our proprietary single component water-based polyurethane resin that doesn’t require a hardener.
It takes only 80 minutes for this coating to cure at near room temperature, producing a hard but flexible film. This is perfect for all plastics, rubber and other delicate material that cannot be subjected to the high temperatures of the typical curing processes.